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>> mike: with the counter again. johnson busy again, joe. good example of what you spoke of. dives in looking for a takedown. and he gets it. >> joe: but it is low on thigh control. the hip escape is possible and dodson gets it. front headlock, though. holding there. got to be careful. >> mike: the hand down for dodson. >> mike: hands to the ground. come here. come here. >> joe: let's take a look at it. as soon as the hand touches it becomes illegal to throw a knee and that is a clear violation of the known rules. and he is looking at it like he is shocked but should have been aware of that. >> mike: look at where the knee landed. >> look at me with your bad eye? am i ugly? >> the answer would be, yes. >> here is the knee. >> john mccarthy. >> joe: what is the right answer there? >> the answer is, yes. >> joe: there is a big difference. >> good? doing all right? >> tell me when you are -- i want you to get feeling good. >> joe: one more time, folks. a clean illegal shot. the hands down. a blatant violation here. i don't think that he realized it. i mean i don't want to speak for hi
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timesaver traffic with mike masco good morning. >> reporter: good morning. let's get into it. not much happening on this end. we are talking about moderate volume in parts of the area. i do suspect this congestion that's picking up before the fort mchenry tunnel that's probably people south for the inauguration and that's a big headline on southbound 95. also on ramp closure patapsco off 895 be aware of that. let's show you again roads looking pretty good. this is the well, that's the webcam and we will make it a full screen. look at 83 at shawan road, things look pretty good. the mdot cameras and things look good on 695. this is harford road and light volume for what it should be and some of the drive times look like this. not much happening. 695 outer loop from 795. 95 charley that takes you 11 minutes. >> all right mike thanks. >>> this is a story everyone is talking about today. ravens are afc champions and head to new orleans and superbowl xlvii and they will take on the 49ers on february 3rd. some people are calling this the har but a bowl. >> i don't know if we had a dream this
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and then the weekend. i'm mike hydeck, closes and delays this morning already. first off federal government workers you are open today but employees have the option of unscheduled leave or tell work. >> in virginia the school districts are closed today -- >> while the schools in -- have a two hour delay. we're going to continue to update these on our website and the ticker on the bottom of your screen. heads up monika is off today. beverly farmer is going to have traffic in a moment and howard starts us off. >>> it's going to be later this afternoon. maybe early afternoon out west toward the shenandoah valley, i- 81 corridor into the mountains. i think mid-afternoon here in d.c. and it doesn't look like a lot. maybe an inch, two, that's about it. tough to get excited snow lovers but we will have some snow in the air and certainly it's cold enough whatever falls is going to be sticking on untreated surfaces. here's a look ott the day planner. we're starting with the clouds. you know by early afternoon, we could have some areas seeing some light snow developing even 1:00 but that should be west of town.
this morning. mike masco is in wood lawn. >> team coverage, out the door safely as safely as possible. loren is watching the roads. we begin with lynette charles. >>> we are dealing with wintery weather this morning. we have a winter weather advisory in effect until lunchtime for today. the areas shaded in the blue. cecil county, towards the west, as we look through the eastern shore, rain across the area. the winter weather, we have advisory. let's take you on a little tour. see the mixing, where you are seeing the blues, you are dealing with snow across the yeah. we are getting mix now around baltimore, elk ridge, around jessup. it depends on where you are, depends on the temperatures this morning as well. we can see the wintery mix now, sleet, freezing rain, and also snow across the area. we can see along i-70, all blue, maybe wet snow flakes moving in. wood lawn, and that's where mike masco is this morning. let's go over to him, what are you seeing right now? >> reporter: good morning. we are seeing a very light flurry action right now, it's not a big deal, it's about the temperatures ri
sleet mixing in, and with that, i will take it outside to mike masco, mike, what have you been seeing this morning? i have been seeing a little bit of everything. tell us what you are seeing. >> reporter: a little bit of everything through the course of the morning, we were in wood lawn, it started to snow, we got a coating, we found more in the way of sleet. 695, we looked at it, it looks pretty good. once we got off 695, that's where things started to change. this is what is grounds is like, you have the crusty kinds of the snow, now combined with sleet out there, that is going to make for really well interesting travels across the area, until we get the full changeover to rain, this is the type of commute you will have, cold surfaces, grassy, not the grassy surfaces but the driveways , the walkways, this in here, this is below freezing, that's going to trip you up during the course of the morning. the primary roads now, kudos to our crews, a fantastic job, we were talking to them earlier, they were on stands by, they couldn't lay the pretreatment, things warmed up, they were allowe
downtown bel air. the snow is coming down. it looks picturesque. >> we want to head over to mike masco for the latest on the snow and how long it's going to last. what can we expect? >> as quick as it came in, it will be out by 7:00, 8:00. light snow. we'll take you down toward the south and east of town around edgemere. we'll check in with lauren. some bursts of snow coming. we'll take you toward annapolis and seeing some of the heavy snow as you go into the bay bridge, a burst heading into the eastern shore. cecil county had the light snow. there's another burst. that will be on top of you in the next 15 to 20 minutes. this is what our radar is seeing in terms of how much snow has come down. to the north and west a solid inch. northern carroll county, a healthy dusting on the way to an inch. the one to two inch forecast will certainly come to fruition. in terms of what to expect, it's the cold air. 19 in timonium. down toward the airport at 19. 22 at annapolis. anything that falls will stick quickly. anything that melts will refreeze. flurries through the course of the overnigh
timesaver traffic with mike masco good morning. >> reporter: good morning. here we go. not much happening on the road. considering the holiday we have again light volume and most of our area roadways. the on-ramp is closed at mulberry street. eastbound a at 83 and 695 you have issues right alock this is -- right along this is at washington avenue right after this 795 entrance ramp and days south of up to construction related delays as you go along frederick avenue along 695. outside we go for a live shot. we will show you things looking pretty good right now. this is 95 at 395. things look good but going south on 59 you will pick up volume -- 95 you will pick up volume closer to the dc area. most of the road looking pretty good in terms of no drive times. we will do drive times later on megan. >> all right. >> thanks lot. ravens are headed back to the superbowl for the first time in dozen years. but to get there this time, they had to avenge a loss from last season in foxboro and take out tom brady and the patriots. rematch of last season's title game. new england got on the scoreboard fi
sports team mike sugerman is driving out that way too. >>> barbara boxer and dianne feinstein have made a friendly wager with their cohorts in congress in maryland. if the 9ers win, maryland senators mikulski and carden will serve up crab cakes, cookies and beer from baltimore. if the ravens win, boxer and feinstein will send crab, wine, cheese and sourdough bread across the country. boxer and feinstein said they are confident the 9ers will, quote, strike gold and the ravens will flutter away there defeat. >>> even animals are weighing in about super bowl predictions. say hi to sibu here, a mom at a zoo. over the weekend zookeepers gave her a box with blankets representing the 9ers and ravens. it chose the 49ers. there is a cavea, right only 50% of the time with previous predictions. >> that's kind of like the weather. >> kind of hit or miss. >> i would like to think i have a better percentage. >> you have been doing well this last weekend. it was amazing. >> i think we're doing okay. the next couple of days we have a lot of sunshine coming o
. it looks picturesque. >> let's head over to meteorologist mike masco to find out how many inches they end up falling. >> it looks like a solid inch, some light snow showers. this is the span going on toward the tidings bridge. just know all test freestanding water will refreeze with the conditions as temperatures that are still in the 18 to 19-degree range. it will start to freeze. notice on radar we're starting to dry out. light flurries in the city. go to the south and east and you find some bursts of snow. thermont, taneytown. you're producing some moderate snow. it's getting closer to the city. that's where we have light flurry activity. toward queenstown you're dealing with moderate snow. we'll show you snow vision. 18 along the beltway. 23 in town. 18 in manchester. this evening we'll stay around 18 to 19. the flurries through the course of the night. it's a cold wakeup. but mild air. we'll show you more coming up. >>> the friday rush hour is usually pretty hectic but it's awful today. >> we're talking about a much bigger problem. we have lauren cook sorting it out. are things getti
process. we will find out that question mike. did the work keep the potential people out of jail? >>> the fight over new york's jumbo soda ban is becoming a civil rights issue. >> and man's best -- i just -- this makes me laugh. in man's friend can be good for more than just fetching your slippers. a furry friend that saved a life. this little guy. >>> howard here with your weather first. another some system on the way -- storm system on the way. some light snow developing this afternoon could hamper the ride home. high temperatures 25 to 30. back if just a few minutes with your, the if just a few -- in just a few minutes with your weekend forecast. >>> and howard we're in the calm between the storms as far as weather and traffic is concerned right now. outer loop of the beltway light volume as you head west of silver spring and past connecticut avenue into bethesda. pretty much light volume all around town which is great news. andrea mike back to you. >>> all right beverly thank you. making news now at 6:13. >> the naacm and the hispanic federation are fighting new york city's b
.m. tonight, to 6 p.m. on tuesday. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco good morning. >> reporter: are you out of purple? because i am done. this is all i got. i got to go shopping. but let's get into the road. good morning. not much happening on the roads. holiday traffic so we are dealing with road construction. single lane traffic turned into that direction between 1 # 4 -- 144 off 69 5. be aware of that and watching construction delays on the east side of town heading out towards parts of this is right around fayette street. so be aware of that this morning. we will look outside to show you. our cameras are not showing much. this is 83 at york road. i do venture to say that probably is the same looking shot one more daylight than the next hours to come. and drive times and things are looking good. smooth sailing on most of the area roadways, 95 southbound south into dc there will be volume picking up due to the inauguration. 659 outer loop from 95 to a 83 an 11 minute ride. >> thanks 3 minutes after 5. the past three weeks have been magnificent for ravens fans.
timesaver traffic can mike masco what do you have this morning. >> reporter: not much. it's quiet on this end. talking about a holiday traffic which will probably be no issues on the road during the course of the morning. just a couple construction delays out along the inner loop and 695 near highway 144 across- town towards fort meek henry -- mchenry construction delays. and it's about 95 south as you head towards dc. keep in mind the inauguration ceremonies are object going. we will see -- ongoing. we will see volume picking up the closer to the dc area. roads look pretty goodch this is 695 at -- good. this is 695 at liberty road. 695 at harford road and we will show you again not much happening. it's a ghosttown out there. >> i bet it is. it's 4:33. we are the afc champions. the ravens are headed to new orleans for superbowl 47 and if you are just waking up we feel your pain. fans celebrated the win so grab the extra cup of coffee. it's worth it to be a little tired. charley has a look at how they managed to take down brady and the patriots. what do you have for us. >> reporter
mike sugerman updates us on his road trip. yes, he is driving to new orleans. plus, a winter x games fan land in the hospital. the snowmobile trek that went terribly wrong. 49ers get fresher under pressure.' more all week, from the super bowl." good morning. ((time check)) i'm fran oat. >> hello, i'm dennis o'donnell from super bowl xlvii. the 49ers touchdown last night just after 7 p.m. central time. the focus seems to remain on colin kaepernick. there are only two 49ers with super bowl experience. so you think there might be some anxiety of a game with such magnitude. but in the words of safety deshan goal ton the 49ers get fresher under pressure. more from the super bowl. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. ♪ ♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the deliciousness you desire. the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real
of small ones, too. let's check in with our volunteers. they have been here all morning. mike, what's going on? what are people saying to you when you answer the phone? >> they are telling us how wonderful they think this cause is and how happy they are to donate to it today. a lot of people say they wish they could be here to plunge but they can't so they are helping out in the best way they can. >> and some people are making donations in honor or in memory of others. >> yes. we've gotten quite a few of those. >> to make a donation, you have to call this number. you can't text it, correct? >> right. you have to call here at the studio and we will be happy to take your call. >> right. we are not equipped to do this over the internet or take text donations. but thank you mike. they are hopped up on cheese danish and coffee. they have a lot of energy. they will be here until 10:00. 410-261-2300. you can stay warm but still help. more than 3,000 high schoolers are taking part in this year's polar bear plunge. in fact, they were so many of of the first people jump into the bay. on friday. tim t
are back online. >>> well, it may cost you a bit more to fill up the tank. senate president mike miller is proposing a gas tax increase. but the governor left it out of the budget. miller says the proposal would raise around $300 million a year. the prince george's county democrat says the money is needed for transportation projects. a bill could be introduced by the end of the week. >>> day three of jury selection this morning in the barnes' murder trial. attorneys are hoping to wrap up this phase of the trial later today. 16-year-old barnes was visiting her family when she went missing back in 2010 and she was found dead a few months later and her half sister's ex- boyfriend michael johnson is on trial for the murder. >>> well, we continue to learn more today about the anne arundel county executive john leopold. his alleged behavior. yesterday erik robey the current chief of staff stepped in front -- testified in front of the boss. he did multiple campaign activities on county time back in 2010. that's when leopold was running for a second term in office. another security officer also
and tonight as well. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco. >> reporter: good good morning >> reporter: how often is this. it hasn't sunk in but next week it will. >> superbowl bound. >> reporter: here's what's going on. let's look at the maps. not much happening. roadways look pretty good. some delays from annapolis heading towards the eastern span of the bay bridge. and we will show you frederick avenue at 695 road construction will trip you up but fort mchenry tunnel from 95 into the toll plaza looks good. but keep in mind, you go south of town and you go into the dc area, just know volume will be increasing through the course of the morning because of the ceremonies ongoing. there's a shot looking at towards the toll plaza. and we will look at drive times. speeds pretty much in check around 65 miles an hour. we will take -- did it will take 11 minutes from the from 83 to 695. there are some of the drive times there 695 outer loop from 95 to 83. that's an 11-minute ride. looking at traffic in less than 10 minutes charles crowson onto you. >>> learning, knowing and commit
program. >>> good morning everyone, welcome to mornings on 2, saturday january 26, i'm mike mibach. >> i'm claudine wong. let's check in with rosy chu with a quick look at your america forecast. >> yes, we are warm out there, into the afternoon you'll notice a cool down because we do have cooler weather beginning to move in. and this morning the bigger story may be that patchy dense fog out there. visibility down to a quarter mile, even in one of the local spots. i'll talk about that in just a moment. a mix of sun and clouds and isolated chance at maybe a sprinkle and we are going to be mainly dry. but cool conditions are expected. i'll detail this for you and showout temperatures coming up. >>> we're following developing news right now. a police chase that ended with the dramatic car crash in oakland just a few hours ago. six people rushed to the hospital as we just got word that one of the passengers, they have died. ktvu alex savage is live for us, including the man hunt underway right now. alex? >> reporter: police at this point are looking for the driver of the suv, but i also want
'donnell, vern glenn, our michelle griego and mike sugerman. >> that little girl should get two free tickets to the super bowl. >> what do you think? >> she looks like your niece, anne. >> so cute. >>> taking you outside live right now conditions on the road not too bad. some areas of overnight roadwork could slow you down including up the nimitz freeway so it's still there. we at any to check in with caltrans both directions of 880 this morning between 980 and 66. so this is obviously pretty close to the oakland coliseum, hegenberger, not seeing it in this camera but again, just watch out. they have various lanes blocked in both directions once again across the stretch. to the san mateo bridge now, this is a live look at westbound 92, 14 minutes is the drive time towards high-rise and foster city. by the way we're also getting word of an accident through the altamont pass so we'll tell you more about that once we get more details in a few minutes. in the meantime, here's lawrence with a check of your forecast. >> all right, elizabeth. a lot of clouds
. and when it comes to the superbowl, we have you covered. sports anchor mike shumann and very own larry beil will be reporting live from new orleans. >>> with the game in atlanta, bay area fans crowded around tvs restaurants and bars. john alston joined the celebration as the niners claimed victory. [ cheers and applause ] >> they may have been a few thousand miles away from san francisco but they felt part of the team that just made it all the way to the superbowl. the jam packed board room niners bar erupted, here come the bold predictions. >> niners ar starting a new regime starting in 2013 we're going to win about five superbowls in the next six years. >> and he was impressioned. >> it's unbelievable. never seen that before. we love soccer in europe but this kind of soccer football is much better. >> they were out the door cal hollow and there was an be enemy in the midst. >> had i to be honest. >> don't say that too loudly. >> you don't blast me. >> it didn't look good for the niners and some of these fans had more than team spirited on the line. >> 49ers by four or more points, $500 on
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>>> thanks so much for joining us for the news at noon. i'm mike haiduk. j.c. has the day off today. >>> can we rest easier in the afternoon today howard? >> reporter: it has gotten a little bit better. good news here the last of the winter weather watchs have expired, although garrett county still with a warning. we had a little bit of ice here, most of it was on the sidewalks, grassy surfaces and the roads not all that bad. the bulk of the rain also moved east, we are looking at a couple of areas of sprinkles redeveloping. so now we are more spotty showers for the afternoon. you can see certnly it is coming in. there may still be a pocket of light icing in northern frederick county, but temperatures are starting to inch up above freezing in most areas. 33 in hagerstown, cumberland at 32 degrees with 40 in fredericksburg. we are in the mid-30s now, so we are starting a slow climb toward low 40s. it is a dreary looking noon across dc. however page county, some other spots, i have had reports a little bit of sun is peeking through. we'll see a few peaks of sun and passing showers, hi
everybody was talking about all weekend. it's mike. he got a chance and he won it. $75,000 for a half-court shot during the miami heat game. and you wouldn't believe. he got up close and personal face time with lebron james. >> i know. >> we're going to talk to him. he's here this morning. good morning, mike. >> hey, mike. >> is he going to do it again for us? >> no pressure, mike. >> we'll try over the weather monitors, through the lights, and in. >> double or nothing? >> sure. >> and george can tackle him. >>> mary j. blige just walked in. >> you should see the shoes that mary is wearing. >> look at these shoes. >> wow. >> she is rockin' those shoes. >> yeah. >> star power, by the way. a lot of star power at "gma." >> they're telling a real-life story about two women behind two men we all know. >> great. >>> let's get started with the picture. show penelope cruz. you look real closely right there. she has what could be earrings. they look like beads. looking very closely right inside there. each one, they're acupuncture beads. each one targeting a specific condition. and rachel smit
with two of the big hitters in d.c. sports. and the nats' gm mike rizzo. and the terps stay hot in hot-lanta. that's coming up in a few minutes when care maloney joins me on "sports final." so super bowl xlvii is set, ravens and 49ers. >> the har-bowl is already insufferable is a tweet i just got. >> it's within an hour and a half and people are fed up with it already. >> who is going to win? >> harbaugh's team. >> smart. decisive. thank you. coming up next, president obama taking the presidential oath tomorrow for the fourth time. why his daughter, sasha, congratulated him today on >>> now to a lighter side of today's official swearing in. president obama hugged his family after taking the oath of office in the white house. but what you might not have heard was the exchange between the commander in chief and his younger daughter sasha. >> i did it. >> in case you missed that, sasha congratulating her dad on not messing up. in 2009, you'll recall there was some confusion during the oath. so much confusion that the chief justice administered it a second time a day later as a precaution.
. kelly. >> thanks mike. the finalpreparations are being made for dc's big party tomorrow. president obama will give his inauguration speech tomorrow. aceremony yal publicceremonial public oath will take place tomorrow and we'll have reports throughout the day. . >> tonight an naug ral celebration -- inaugural celebration landed barbara walters in the hospital. walters fell and cut her forehead. she was taken to the hospital just to be checked out. reports say she's alert but hospitalized for observation. we'll be back with more ravens coverage after the break. . >> . >> the game ended over an hour ago and ravens fans still pouring into the street cheering their excitement and joy that we're headed back to the superbowl. let's check back in with cheryl conner. cheryl lotsof people but no major problems you know it's remained pretty pa peaceful. i thought i was going to get hoisted up to shoulders a few minutes ago. people cameright out on if streets when we realized that the ravens were going to the superbowl. andhey, you all don't want to go home. look at this. let's showyou some
starting with meteorologist mike masco. we have the latest on the snow and how long it will fall. no pressure at all. >> you know, guys, a lot of snow, not a lot of snow, unfortunately. it was a taste of snow. take a look at the shot. things looking good. this is our most popular radar, just some light banding of snow along 40 toward hampden, woodlawn seeing some of those bands of snow showers. we'll slide it up toward cecil county. that's where we find the most snow action. this is a moderate clip. this will run along into calvert and back down into 95. tidings bridge seeing moderate snow. that came in with the clipper. notice back to the west starting to see things clearing out, winchester, right along 81. that is the back edge of the snow. as quick as it came in this will be out in the next half an hour to an hour. 18 degrees. it's 63. 18 in bel air. we wish it was 63. the snow will be part of the equation. 19 degrees. 17 waking up. we'll be well into the 50s by next week. we'll show you that seven-day forecast coming up. >>> a snowy evening mean has drive home will be sloppy
the white stuff making us late for work. >> let's go over to mike and now in the abc most accurate storm center to find if things will be better tomorrow. some more activity heading our way >> it looks like not the morning but the evening. we are going the opposite direction and will be expecting snow to move in friday night. we will talk about that second half. the afternoon highs today. another day where we are into the 20s. 25 york, 29, frederick 28, we are into the middle 20s. take a look at the snow fall amounts, it was all about the southern locations over the southern portion of the state. five inches to around five -- half an inch in townsend again that one to two inches, across town, little more toward the south. we are in to the 20s. low 20s outside the beltway. we will watch the temperatures in to the teens as we go into later tonight. notice on radar we have a system over the four corners, another over minneapolis and we will watch two of these areas of low pressure come together to produce a little snow across the area by tomorrow night. cecil along the eastern shore, winte
lookeds the part. -- look it is part. the snow is off the streets but mike is here with an update. >> i'm going to give you a simple answer, we're not getting anymore snow. we'll show you some of the light show, about an inch, two inches. we advertisedthis yesterday and wednesday with. everything came to kind of fall into place. you can see the drum point. that has three inches but everybody else about an inch. we're kind of covered with clouds right now can subpoena that will be the deal going into the midnight hour. we'll have sunshine tomorrow. in fact, temperatures is the big headline, it's seven in manchester so it's a frigid night. be aware there could be black ice. here's your hour by hour forecast, 18 degrees wake up cold but from lunchtime 24 to close to the freezing point. we'll talk about the warming trend coming up. >> updating breaking news that we brought you at 5:00 and 6:00. the search is on for several suspects in connection with a shooting at the light rail shooting in luther vil. >> christian schaefer is live. >> roosevelt leftwich a frightening and long commute ho
. >> right now, let's track the snow. >> let's get to mike for the most accurate forecast. >> let's take you into the abc2 news most accurate storm center. this is a clipper system but it is producing some snow. this isour high definition weather bug camera in northern minnesota. there is the snow right there and it's just about 6, 7 hundred miles to the north and west of maryland at this moment. it'smove toward the state but will move in toward the commute. this will be expanded into the city. the biggest story is the temperatures and how cold it is. we'll talk more about the storm coming up in just a little bit. >> bumper to bumper, we don't want a repeat of this molecular orbitaling when the snow starts up. state transportationofficials say they did not pretreat last night. >> take a lesson from this and get ready and prepare because the schools are closing and people are leaving work. >> state highway officials say one reason you saw much on the rothis morning was because pavement temperatures were so low they couldn't put anything out there. >> three baltimore city police office
be calling me at anytime on mike smartphone so i tend to keep my smartphone on. >> there is only so much bad with out there. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> controversy over the new iopic.jobs by jane king has the bloomberg business report. >> millions of smokers might be priced out of health insurance. the affordable health care act will allow insurers to church smokers thousands of dollars more than nonsmokers. about a quarter of their income up in smoke. check your bank statement to make sure your money is there. watch for a wave of atm fraud. banks and credit unions to watch for a way to cash out. apple shares skinned alive after they had slow sales growth. a drop in apple's stock weighed on the nasdaq yesterday appeared to have been using dozens of workers under the age of 16. the first clip of the steve jobs biopic is out. some say the movie gets it all wrong. it wasjobs who wanted to make a quick buck off it. you can read his books. i'm jane king with the business report. >> now insta-weather plus and traffic pulse 11 together. >> good morning. we are starting out with some quiet w
for the midwest and states on the east coast. in chicago, mike tillman, fox news. >>> the polar bear plunge is tomorrow, sue palka. >> oh, you're not doing it. >> i've been bullied into doing it. >> by my wife. >> well, i've enjoyed working with you. >> i'm dreading it. >> it's going to be a cold one. we've had our snow. the snow is moving out. with the snow pack the air will be really cold. yikes, i'm worried about you. >> it's for a good cause. she said you can go in as far as you want. >> i think i would dip the little pinky toe in. i can barely get in the water anymore in the middle of july. it's got to be tropically caribbean type water for me to get in. you know what? before you know it, warmer weather is going to be here. we'll be talking about that for next week. but we have the cold stuff tonight. you and i just discussed this, brian. i can't believe the inaugural was this week. between the two snow storms and a lot of other news this week, it feels like a couple of weeks ago. wanted to show you what we're seeing on radar because so much of this is just about gone. almost over to t
in brazil. mike taibbi has the latest. mike, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. it has been a dead lly combinatn in the past, a nightclub filled with revelers and pyrotechnics and few too ways to escape led to panic. in santa maria, it was packed with its usual saturday nightclub when, at 2:00 in the morning, disaster. a swift-moving fire filled the ground-floor club with thick smoke. witnesses said club security initially blocked several emergency exits, thinking p patrons were leaving without paying and that left only a few ways out. in the ensuing panic, some victims were trampled. most died of smoke inhalation. many witnesses told police this fire was triggered by the use of some incindiery device on stage. >> the band used fireworks and as we heard it was usual for this presentation but the ceiling was too short. >> reporter: some club goers who did make it out joined firemen and onlookers in their attempt to open new exits using sledge hammers and axes. victims were carried to ambulances and other vehicles and were quickly moved to the trauma center. >> scattered around the hospi
. harbaugh versus harbaugh two weeks away in new orleans. and mike nicco has the forecast. >> good morning, everyone. we have live doppler 7 hd steady as she goes. it is dry out there this morning. we do have frost inland. big surprise. with temperatures around 28 in novato and 31 at concord and 32 at livermore. mid-to-upper 30's in the south bay. mostly sunny today and mild and wet wednesday on wednesday. cooler weather, also, in the accweather forecast. >> light traffic conditions on this martin luther king inauguration day. golden gate bridge is clear. an area of road work northbound 880 at high street the ramp is closed until 5:00 a.m. otherwise, we have bart on the saturday schedule, muni on the saturday schedule and caltrain running on the regular schedule and the martin luther king freedom train will lebanese the station at 9:30. >> abc news coverage of the presidential inauguration >>> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> hey. good morning, america. >> wake up. >> wake up. ♪ come on and show >>> all kinds of stories here in washington this weekend, for all of the i
and friend mike honda who has exemplified what it means to be a public servant. [cheers and applause] mike has exemplified what it means to be a public servant during his tenure as dnc vice chair and especially as congressman from california's 15th district. [applause] met me tell you something -- let me tell you something, i have had an opportunity to serve in congress with mike and watched his advocacy and his passion and his commitment to his constituents to diversity, to making sure that we keep our citizens safe from harm, and it has been an absolute privilege to serve, and i will continue to serve side by side with him on the house committee on appropriations. mike is a fearless leader who's answered the call to serve throughout his career. his work on issues from education and transportation to civil rights and national service has advanced the causes of our party immeasurably. please join me in thanking our retiring officers. [applause] they have done a remarkable service for the entire country. [applause] >> now, let me introduce our slate of new dnc officers. they are a talented,
are in the upper. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco. >> reporter: good morning. let's go to reisterstown a little delay with some volume picking up as the 79 a as you approach 140. be aware of that. we have volume across-town. no major instances to speak of. pasadena dealing with delays due to a serious fire around mountain road. how about 695 oh sun glare grab the shades but things look good. >> more news weather and traffic coming up in a half- hour. >> we will see you and in the meantime, back to good morning america. have a great day. >>> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> hey. good morning, america. >> wake up. >> wake up. ♪ come on and show >>> all kinds of stories here in washington this weekend, for all of the inaugural festivities. katy perry. it's just begun. the inauguration ceremonies today. you see the crowd building right there in washington, d.c. about 800,000 people expected on the mall this morning. as you see it all the way up to the capitol and the washington monument. there's the lincoln memorial. the president will be looking out ov
can't plunge but lots of folks are stepping in to help the man jimmy mike. >> he was an original such sup jumping into the cold water every hour for 24 hours but two years ago jimmy got leukemia and hasn't been able to plunge. he won't be able to plunge this year either but others will plunge for him. >> i am trying to get healthy. >> jimmy cannot plunge this year because he is recovering from leukemia therapy. and weaver going to do some of his -- and we're going to do some of his fundraising for him. >> meet ed parks and they make up team jimmy. they will not only plunge every hour but two times an hour, 48 times in 24 hours. they hope to raise $30,000 for special olympics. jimmy my rack is their inspiration. >> i had the opportunity to meet him at a photoshoot we did for the special olympics and learned then how much energy he has and how he really was a natural around people and how he inspired others. >> ralph and ed work at aerotech and these fliers are all over the place asking for donations. >> we hope to raise $30,000 as a team. >> for jimmy he is so thankful and proud.
, mike, here we go! (cheers) unbelievable! that's the longest sky-hook i've seen, it was shot around the world, and scoring him $75,000, that's before taxes. he's going to get hit hard after the governor and home state of illinois get their hands on it, about $53,000, not bad for that basketball shot! isn't that amazing and lebron tackles them and if you watch both teams went crazy which is cool. stay tuned to "fox & friends" and michael will join the show at 9:30 this morning to talk about that big shot. those are your headlines, my trend. >> i thought that was chris on-- >> chris? >> chris wears a beret. >> that was a-- >> 53,000. >> are you ready for the hypocrisy release of the morning, dianne feinstein exempts government officials of the very weapons that americans-- >> you can't buy them, but government officials can. >> that's right, it turns out they're pretty effective for defending yourself. they're purchasing 7,000 personal defense rifles, aka, assault rifles, the exact kind the government lectured that you don't need to protect yourself, but according them them, it's pers
. some of the linemen here showing off their fancy footwork. that's alex boone, joe staley and mike ipati competing in a dance to promote the videogame just dance 4. they danced to "call me maybe." the final countdown and what makes you beautiful. >> call me maybe? really? how much did they have to get paid for that? >> if the guys see this in the locker room, they're done. >> definitely. >> in a big way. >>> 6:20. the sharks are back in san jose for their long-awaited home opener. >> and it's not just for the fans that are happy to see them. of course they want to see the game. the huge boost to downtown businesses plus some highlights from the big game last night when we come back -- when we come back. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ m
, congressional colleague, and friend, mike honda, who exemplified what it means to be a public servant. [cheers and applause] mike has exempt mid -- exemplified what it means to be a ser vent, and especially as congressman from california's 15th district. [applause] let me tell you something, i had an opportunity to serve in congress with mike and watched his add vo cosigh and passion and commitment to his constituents to diversity, to making sure that we keep our citizens safe from harm, and it has been an absolute privilege to serve, and i will continue to serve side by side with him on the house committee on appropriations. mike is a fearless leader, answering the call to serve throughout his career. work on issues from education and transporation to civil rights and national service advanced the causes of the party immeasurably. please join me in thanking our retiring officers. they have done a remarkable service for the entire country. [applause] now let me introduce our slate of new dnc officers. they are a talented, dedicated and passionate group of people who will strengthen and energiz
about his local connection coming up. i'll be heading to new orleans to cover the run along with mike shumann, cast of thousands and you know, shu is a former niner. and won knit 19816789 very a feeling the ring will be on distlai plai this week and everybody will be bringing you the best super bowl coverage imaginable, tweeting behind the scenes updates skbh z.it's going to be a lot of fun. >> yes. and you have to admit the ring is cool. >> yes. >> shiny and chevy. >> yes. a contract worker in san francisco was seriously injured today trimming trees. the man suffered head trauma when a thousand pound tree fell on him. crews cleaned up after the accident. the workers name and conhave not been released. there has been color for us on live doppler 7 hd today. spencer christian is here now with a look at what is on it now. >> most of the color confined as we look at live doppler 7 hd. should i step back? we have an issue here, i can show you down in san jose, we have had quite a bit of rainfall. and up in the each bay, we had some heavy down pours last couple hours. and rainfall totals s
sports director dennis o'donnell, vern glenn, michelle griego and mike sugerman. >>> there's a manhunt in the east bay tonight stemming from a deadly police chase in oakland. police pursued a stolen car early this morning starting on interstate 80 at barrett avenue. the chase lasted 15 minutes. at one point the car was going the wrong way on 580. finally it ended up after the car drove off the road and hit a tree in the oakland hills. police say 8 people were in that car one of them died. police say he is 19 years old. the rest were taken to the hospital or jail. police are looking for one person in the car who ran away. >>> well, another gun buy-back program here in the bay area produced another large turnout. like other recent buy-backs the offer of catch for firearms was an incentive but as cbs 5 reporter patrick sedillo shows us, one prominent victim of gun violence says people are rethinking gun ownership. >> we had every hope it was going to be a turnout like this. >>> reporter: the cars lined up for blocks for the san mateo gun buy-back. >> h
, dennis o'donnell, of course, along with vern glenn plus our own michelle griego, mike sugerman all making the trek to new orleans next week. >>> time now 4:52. too low for football's fashion police. >> the big five for the 9ers quarterback actually makes that runningback after the nfc championship game. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. >>> showers around the bay area. keep the umbrella handy. more moisture coming up in our direction. when will it end? we'll talk about that coming up. >> so far, so good on a lot
'donnell, vern glenn, michelle griego and mike sugerman. >>> another bay area gun buy- back produced a large turnout. like others, the offer of cash for weapons was an incentive but as cbs 5 reporter patrick sedillo shows us one prominent victim of gun violence says people are rethinking gun ownership. >>> reporter: the cars lined up for blocks for the san mateo gun buy-back. >> handguns is $100. assault rifles are $200. >> reporter: and there were. besides those, all kinds of guns were brought in. >> we'll give money for up to 3 guns and accept as many as people want to turn in. >> reporter: the idea is simple. it's turned this into this and it's working. >> this is a no questions asked anonymous gun buy-back event. >> reporter: donald smith brought in two old rifles. >> haven't been used in many years. so time to get rid of them. >> reporter: as easy as that -- >> one and two. >> reporter: he got his $200 no questions asked. where's the money? >> the money is right here. all right? >> reporter: already spend it? >> you bet. we're heading out of town.
, michelle griego and mike sugerman. well, he's making his way across the country. >>> still ahead, a remarkable recovery you have to see to believe, how a little girl survived a sharp object sliding straight through her skull. >>> and we're getting a good look at this year's super bowl commercials. one celebrity has now been in more super bowl ads than anyone ever before. >>> clouds heading our direction. we could see showers and cold temperatures too. we'll have that coming up. it's time to make room for the new mattress models, but sleep train's huge year end clearance sale ends sunday. get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators and closeout inventory. plus, free same-day delivery set-up, and removal of your old set. don't wait, sleep train's year end clearance sale ends sunday. superior service best selection lowest price guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ this year's super bowl commercial... this year, 30 seconds of airtime this
includes sports director dennis o'donnell and vern glenn joined by michelle griego and mike sugerman. >>> stolen from a home recovered in a santa clara reservoir where a couple's cars turned up after a home invasion robbery. >> some bay area thieves with a taste for the finer things. what they were after when they broke into a michelin rated restaurant. >> cbs 5 high-def doppler radar showing rainfall for the first time in two weeks. how much, how long will it last and when will we see more? that's coming up in 10 minutes. >> and the buffalo sauce and bleu cheese may go to waste. why chicken wings could be in short supply for your super bowl party! this is a big deal. >>> a car stolen in a home invasion robbery on monday has turned up in the uvis reservoir. it was one of two vehicles stolen from a home in san jose's almaden valley neighborhood. police say three men forced their way into the home of an elderly couple brandishing weapons. they tied up the victims, took money and then took two cars. the other car was found abandoned in southern san
. michelle griego is on the way along with our sports director dennis o'donnell, vern glenn and mike sugerman will have fun out there, as well. for those of us staying home, how about a tv? bigger the better. that's the room of thumb for super bowl fans looking to buy a new big screen. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains what the best size and the best type of big screen is for the big game. >>> game. [ pause ] >> all right. we're going to try to work the bugs out of that and bring it back to you later. but for now, we are going to go to our weatherman, because it's a little rainy out there, isn't it. >> and because we can. because you're here. >> yes. and i am ready to go! we have some cloudy skies outside right now, folks. we have seen some more scattered showers showing up out there, in fact you better be prepared for some raindrops over the next few days as things are going to stay a bit unsettled. let's get you out there now. high-def doppler radar showing you some of those showers. that line stretching down across the santa c
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